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Reach out to international students with a virtual open day

With a virtual open day you can invite potential students all year to look around and engage with your campus and facilities.


Create a Virtual Open Day available all year for both International students and in the UK.

Using the latest virtual technology we can excite students with a tour of your facilities.

Engage with students with video and interactive content and inform with instant communications and down loadable brochures.

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Virtual Open Days

Key Features include:

Interactive floor plans

Engaging video content

Downloadable brochures

Live Chat


Full screen immersive tours of campus

Bespoke Content

All our open day solutions are bespoke and tailored to your needs.


Requests have included:

A treasure hunt throughout the tour

QR codes added to help data farm

Links to existing resources on other websites

Interactive online brochures

Call us or email to discuss your needs.

Updatable Open Days

The updatable Open Day product brings together all your content and presents it as a multimedia experience.



Full content managed system

Your virtual show will be viewable on all platforms

Enable visitors to access your Open Day through your own domain or via the virtual-expo domain


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